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Birdsville – Single Sided Key Frieze

Birdsville Lacework is a traditional old style lacework depicting the Australian Rosella.It is seen in many old areas with homes dating back to 1880,however it is often seen in country areas of  Central Victoria.

Bristol Lacework – Double Sided Key Frieze


Bristol Key Frieze is a decorative heritage casting very useful to decorate a verandah with height restrictions. It looks good and creates a heritage style verandah especially when used in conjunction with a bullnose verandah

Powdercoat Colour Charts


Please note these powdercoat colour samples must be used as a guide only of some of the powdercoat colours avilable

Please check prior to purchasing for a more accurate colour confirmation.

Vase Large-Single Sided Key Frieze

The large Vase key frieze is seen on those large heritage terraces.However it could be used on any heritage properties with high ceilings.This would suit as the verandah would have sufficient height