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Carnbrae Double Sided Corner

The Carnbrae  Corner is a unique design for a corner bracket. It looks at home on a new timber verandah or in conjunction with the old style Carnbrae Key Frieze.It  is a popular design in South Australia

Carnbrae Lacework – Double Sided Corner

The Carnbrae corner is a very elegant verandah decoration.It has the appearance of a timber corner bracket.It looks at home on an old heritage home or a modern style verandah. Its available in a range of heritage powdercoat colours.

Cast Iron Small Maldon Lacework – Corner and Frieze Zinc Coated

Cast Iron Small Maldon Lacework  is available in a zinc coated finish,ready to prime and paint.This design of Lacework is prominent in Maldon in country Victoria.This design in conjunction with the larger design of Maldon Lacework,known as the Large Maldon is on display on the Heritage Maldon Hotel.