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Is the restoration of the lacework and balustrade on the façade of my Victorian Property important ?

The restoration of the facade including the lacework and lacework balustrade is such a vital part of the renovation and restoration of a heritage property.

The most sought after older-style properties are those that marry the beauty and rarity of period decorative details with modern open plan living areas. These days restoration is not mandatory or needed – it’s just one option that can produce an attractive result.

Many council areas in Sydney and Melbourne now have heritage controls to ensure ugly and large renovations are not allowed in conservation areas, however that doesn’t always prevent unsympathetic renovation and incorrect choice of architectural products on the façade including the lacework and lacework balustrade.
People can still choose materials that ruin the look of a house and devalue a renovation in preference to increasing the value by up to 30%




Written by Gary Chatterton