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AA Adelaide Heritage Lacework and Balustrade




Adelaide has a wonderful array of heritage architecture.Its original cast iron balustrade and lacework  is unique in that many designs especially the Richmond and the Carnbrae designs are only seen in South Australia. As a result of the boom in heritage restoration these designs are now becoming popular in other states especially Victoria.

AA Australian Heritage Hotels


Heritage Lacework and Balustrade on Australian Hotels varies in designs from one location to another

A design of lacework and balustrade in one area may be very different or unseen in other areas due to the manufacturing process originating from small localised foundries

The products manufactured by these foundries were used in an area close to the foundry with the exception of a few large foundries in Melbourne and South Australia

AA Avenel Harvest Home Hotel Lacework Balustrade Restoration

The Harvest Home Avenel is a restored 1870 Country Hotel, cafe, wine bar and function centre offering unique overnight rooms, stunning spaces and extensive gardens.

Chatterton Lacework of Melbourne manufactured the stunning Carlton Design balustrade in conjunction with Heritage Regulations.

The balustrade was expertly installed by John at Avondale Steel Fabrications of Melbourne.


harvest 1

AA Ballarat Heritage Balustrade Lacework and Restoration

Ballarat and surrounding areas  have an amazing array of heritage Lacework and Balustrade. Designs of  Lacework and Balustrade from a single fronted cottage built around 1900 to those magnificent Terraces built as early as 1860. Chatterton Lacework manufacture a large array of the designs seen in these areas. There are numerous designs in stock and they are available in a large range of powdercoat colours. All products are now manufactured in non rust aluminium to avoid the corrosion. It may be possible to reproduce the old existing designs manufactured in cast iron in non rust aluminium



AA New Zealand Heritage Lacework and Balustrade

Heritage Lacework and Balustrade is now available for those magnificent heritage buildings throughout north and south New Zealand The restoration of these buildings has been made increasingly difficult through the shortage of component parts. At Chatterton Lacework it is possible to reproduce old heritage designs, however with a large range of designs it may be possible to purchase a stock design in accordance with heritage regulations. Feel free to browse our designs of lacework and balustrade and contact us to discuss your restoration needs.

AA Tasmanian Heritage Lacework and Balustrade

Heritage Lacework and Balustrade in Tasmania has a range of lacework and balustrade unique to the area .

Designs of balustrade including ferns are popular and specific designs of Balustrade Panels are common

For instance the design of Balustrade chosen by Heritage to be used on the Harbour Masters House in Hobart .

The design used was the only design allowed. Maybe this was the design used when the building was manufactured

I can recall supplying a few options, however designs are set on many Heritage Buildings in Tasmania


 Heritage Tasmanian Lacework designs seen in Tasmania are common to the Tasmanian architecture due to a number of small cast iron foundries manufacturing a range of Heritage Castings including cast iron Lacework and cast iron balustrade panels. These castings are now manufactured in aluminium. Many designs of lacework are now prevalent in Tasmania that were registered out of Tasmania.

Aluminium Balustrade Installation Instructions by Chatterton Lacework

XX Click here to view installation instructions BalustradeSystem

The Chatterton aluminium balustrade panels are installed in between the aluminium handrail and the aluminium bottom rail.Fixing is made simple when self tapping hexagon head screws are used. Installation of the top rail to the posts with the assistance of the handrail fixing brackets at the suggested height,usually one metre from the floor to the top of the rail.This is done first then the verandah panels are installed underneath the top rail.You may find it easy to then set the bottom rail in order to fit the panels to.You will need to trim the panels to fit,unless using a panel requiring spaces between them.It is important to use a spirit level to make sure the top rail is level.


Aluminium Lacework installation instructions.

Chatterton Lacework installation instructions.

Chatterton Lacework advises that all the corner sections of the lacework must be installed first by holding the corner into the top section of the post and fixing it to the post and the beam above with plasterboard or wood screws utilising the fixing lugs on the corner.

Once the corners are attached the decorative dropper is installed in the centre of the span between the two posts to the beam.After fastening the dropper to the beam,the lacework is fixed by fitting one section of frieze to the edge of the corner.This is done on both corners on either side of the span.Any lace overhanging the dropper must be cut neatly to fit behind the decorative dropper.Repeat this process on the lacework on the opposite side of the span.

If there is a gap between the frieze and the dropper as a result of the span being wider,cut a small section to join onto the lace to fit behind the dropper

Aluminium Post Capital Angelina Design


Angelina Post Caps are possibly the most popular decorative fence finial. These decorative post caps are also known as B48A Post Cap. They are manufactured in aluminium and are available in a range of  traditional powdercoat  colours.

Barrington Heritage Lacework-Double Sided Aluminium



This  lace resembles the Old Style Heritage Dorrington Lacework. This is a popular lace design that looks at home on a gazebo, a traditional style or a more contempary style  verandah.It is available in a large range of powdercoat colours