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All New Recycled Wrought Iron Art

Wrought Iron Recycled Art is created by utilising unwanted steel components making the most amazing designs.These unwanted items can be used to manufacture almost any design with the help of a few wrought iron components including leaves,rings,scrolls and decorative steel disks.

Aluminium Post Cap – How do I install to the top of the fence post?



Cast Aluminium Post Cap Installation to the top of the post

Installation is made simple

1. Remove the screws from the lid of the casting

2.Drill some screw holes through the bottom casting

3.Put the screws through the bottom holes and screw down tightly into the post

4. Replace the lid and refit the screws.


Aluminium Pyramid Post Capital

Decorative pyramid style  post caps are very suitable for those Edwardian and Federation style fences. They look great and are available to fit a range of post sizes