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Chatterton Aluminium Lion Posts -heavy duty non rust aluminium

Traditional Cast Iron Lion Posts are now manufactured in non rust aluminium. They can be supplied in a mill finish or powdercoated in a range of  heritage colours. Chatterton Lacework does not install the Lion Post fencing,however we can supply component parts and assist with manufacturers who can quote to install the heritage fencing

Classic Heritage Spearhead Fencing – add style and character to your property

A few images of some classic properties with magnificent spearhead style fencing.These fences display  a vast array of heritage style, add style and character to these properties.Chatterton Lacework does not manufacture and install heritage fencing.We manufacture a large range of the components used to manufacture these fences.It may be possible to assist with manufactures to produce Heritage Fencing.Feel free to give us a call.

Lion Post Capital and Speartop – Non Rust Aluminium


Heritage Lion posts are made of non rust aluminium.Lion Post speartops and post caps are also available to compliment the range of lion posts and lion post accessories.Chatterton Lacework does not supply and install Lion Post Fencing.We manufacture the component parts to assist in the manufacturing of these fences.It may be possible to assist with manufacturers of these fences.

Lion Post Heritage Fence and Gate Post – non rust aluminium

The Classic Cast Iron Lion Post manufactured in non rust aluminium by Chatterton Lacework

The aluminium look so good when painted its very difficult to identify what is iron and what is  aluminium.

We at Chatterton Lacework dont manufacture fencing and gates.We do manufacture the components for the DIY project.

It may be possible to assist with a manufacturer to quote to supply and install your fencing project.

Spear Top – CA5 – aluminium

This is a very universal and classy spearhead.It is an old heritage style spearhead that can be used on heritage fencing as well as new types of fencing and gates.The CA1 being of similiar shape can be used in conjunction with this fence finial                                                                                                       

Spear Top CA18 – aluminium


The CA18 spearhead is a multi purpose fence finial design casting.It looks good on an old heritage style of gate or fence and also looks at home on a new design fence or gate.This design of spearhead dates back to 1880.It has a larger matching spearhead called the CA8 spearhead.                

Spear Top CA39 – Non Rust Aluminium

This decorative fence finial is another old traditional design casting.Its noticeable on many old buildings including the Melbourne and Sydney  Metro area. It is popular on heritage style fencing and gates.It looks at home on new gates and fencing on modern style of homes