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Burnside Heritage Balustrade – Double Sided Panel

The Burnside Balustrade is a very popular design of balustrade.It is a traditional design seen on many Queenslanders in Queensland.Its also prevalent on many heritage homes built way back in that 1860 to 1880 period.However today it is used on heritage style properties together with new homes.It is a very versatile design of balustrade.

Sandsville Heritage Balustrade – Double Sided Balustrade Panel

The Sandsville V10 Balustrade design is a modular balustrade system easily installed into the Chatterton Breadloaf Handrail or into any timber handrail. This is a popular traditional design very popular on traditional heritage properties and looks at home on the new heritage properties being restored and built today.





Vase Lacework – Aluminium Single Sided Corner

The Vase design of lacework is a very old traditional style of lacework.This design has a loose  fitting corner installed underneath the lacework for ease of installation. This design is seen on many old Victorian Homes and is one of those old heritage designs dating back to the 1860 period.

Victoria Balustrade – Single Sided Balustrade Panel

The Victoria Balustrade Panel is a traditional balustrade design that looks great on a new home as it does on an old traditional property.It mixes very well with a range of lace designs,however it looks terrific when used with the Victoria Lacework

Victoria Lacework – Double Sided Corner

The Victoria design lacework is a well known. very popular heritage design of lacework. This lacework design with its intricate teapot and flower design has a matching  verandah balustrade panel. This is a heritage design dating back to the 1860 period that is becoming very popular on new heritage properties and restoration of older Victorian Cottages.