Chatterton Lacework Melbourne

Chatterton Lacework Melbourne are manufacturers and distributors of weldable zinc plated wrought iron components, suitable for the home handyman or the fabricator. Most products are in stock and include steel bushes, steel balusters, handrail, scrolls, verandah panels, decorative flowers and leaves.

Chatterton Lacework – Aluminium & Iron Lacework

Chatterton Lacework – aluminium lacework for the future, aluminium lacework from the past. Chatterton lacework now manufactures the popular Victorian design “rosemary” lacework, common in homes in inner Melbourne built between 1860-1890. It is available in a powder coated finish or unpainted and ready for painting.

Aluminium Lacework Balustrading

Chatterton lacework has released an all new aluminium balustrade panel to suit the builder or home handyman. It is a decorative design measuring 620mm x 890mm in height and is available in a range of powdercoat colours. Installation is an easy as fixing the panel thru the innovative right angle lugs on the top and…

Origins of Lacework & Balustrade Designs

Boston fern appeared in the late 1880’s and early 1890’s. It was seen predominantly in and around Melbourne, it was one of many designs featuring the Australian ferns in particular the tree fern, as it is seen in the Fishfern design. The Birdsville design illustrates the sulphur crested cockatoo, this design originated around 1880 in…

How do I install my Chatterton Lacework?

Installing the following designs is made easy, Galaxy, Westminster, Bristol, Maldon, small vase, Berwick, Canterbury Belle, small clover, Fishfern, Kooyong, sandsville and snowflake. Installing these Chatterton Lacework designs is basically installing all the corners sections first.This can be done by holding the corner into the top section of the post and fixing it to the…