Restoration of Lacework on a Heritage Property

 Restoration of Lacework on a Heritage Property Lacework and balustrade on heritage verandas can be restored using iron lacework, aluminium lacework and lace restoration  products. Original heritage cast iron lacework can be reproduced in both small and large quantities to suit specific requirements. The new castings in aluminium or iron will look almost identical to…


How Do I Get the Lacework Look on my Victorian Cottage?

 Some options to consider when you attempt to get that lacework look on your Victorian Cottage Imitate similar properties in the area. Use materials to match existing features, such as authentic timber boards, lacework and lace balustrades. Ensure adequate under-floor ventilation. Remove later additions such as aluminium windows, replace with traditionally sized timber ones. Avoid…


Lacework reproduction

Original replica castings from the bygone years can be reborn with a reproductive service to reproduce those old castings. High quality reproduction castings combined with a range of zinc coated cast iron lacework, designs are available . These high quality reproductive castings are  manufactured in low maintenance, non-rust aluminium, superbly finished in a large range of baked polyester powder coating…


Lion Posts – Post Capitals

Chatterton Lacework release the all new Lion Post Post capital. It is made to fit a post measuring 230x 230mm. It is 485mm high including a spear head measuring 320mm. This is one of the new post capitals manufactured by Chatterton Lacework. This capital matches the original Victorian lion post and is available in a…


New and Improved Kensington Corner and Frieze

Chatterton Lacework Melbourne have released a new and improved Kensington corner and frieze, also known as the Westminster corner and frieze. Another new release is the traditional rosemary design corner and frieze. A common lace seen on many inner Melbourne homes between 1860-1890. This is available in both mill finish and a powder coat finish.

Lion post and intermediate matching posts

Original Victorian lion post & matching intermediate posts make a statement on any Victorian property. They are manufactured in non-rust aluminium and are heavy duty and available in a range of heritage colours. They are a replica of old Victorian cast iron designs and are available and in stock. Feel free to contact us to…