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Spear Top Ca11 – aluminium

This spear is a versatile design in that it is useful for the decoration on old style gates and fences, however it can be used on a modern fence or gate,plus it has the advantage of being a security style finial.

Spear Top CA11 – aluminium male shaft

The CA11 spear is a popular well known design of spearhead used on tubular gates and fences.Its popularity has decreased from a few years back however it remains as a popular design of spearhead  for decorating fence panels and gates.

Spear top CA15 – Aluminium

The CA15 spear tip is an extremely popular heritage finial used in conjunction with Victorian Lion Posts and Traditional Steel Heritage fencing. It is often used in conjunction with the popular CA14 speartip.This is a very similar design,however slightly smaller

Spear Top CA17 – aluminium

The CA17 speartip is an old traditional style of finial.It is seen on old Victorian fences and gates and is popular on new heritage style fences and gates