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AA Tasmanian Heritage Lacework and Balustrade

Many Heritage Tasmanian Lacework designs seen in Tasmania are common to the Tasmanian architecture due to a number of small cast iron foundries manufacturing a range of Heritage Castings including cast iron Lacework and cast iron balustrade panels.These castings are now manufactured in aluminium. Many designs of lacework are now prevalent in Tasmania that were registered out of Tasmania.

Aluminium Balustrade Installation Instructions by Chatterton Lacework

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The Chatterton aluminium balustrade panels are installed in between the aluminium handrail and the aluminium bottom rail.Fixing is made simple when self tapping hexagon head screws are used. Installation of the top rail to the posts with the assistance of the handrail fixing brackets at the suggested height,usually one metre from the floor to the top of the rail.This is done first then the verandah panels are installed underneath the top rail.You may find it easy to then set the bottom rail in order to fit the panels to.You will need to trim the panels to fit,unless using a panel requiring spaces between them.It is important to use a spirit level to make sure the top rail is level.


Indented Heads Balustrade – Double Sided Panel

The Indented Heads panel is a Heritage Panel at home on any heritage style verandah or any  old 1880 property.

It is a plain style of design suitable when the balustrade has to blend in with the surroundings.It is easy to install to either the Chatterton Lacework handrail or any timber handrail amd is available in a large range of  heritage colours

Sandsville Balustrade – non rust aluminium

The Sandsville V10 Balustrade design is a modular balustrade system easily installed into the Chatterton Breadloaf Handrail or into any timber handrail.This is a popular traditional design very popular on traditional heritage properties and looks at home on the new heritage properties being restored and built today.

Simpson Aluminium handrail – aluminium-all new

Chatterton Aluminium Handrail is available in a mill finish or powdercoated. The three designs all fit over or on top off 40 x 40 tube, or 40 x 10 rectangular tube. They can easily be adapted to accommodate 38 x 25 rectangular tube.