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Aluminium Post Cap – How do I install to the top of the fence post?



Cast Aluminium Post Cap Installation to the top of the post

Installation is made simple

1. Remove the screws from the lid of the casting

2.Drill some screw holes through the bottom casting

3.Put the screws through the bottom holes and screw down tightly into the post

4. Replace the lid and refit the screws.


Aluminium Post Capital Hawthorn Design

These post caps are similar to the Nicolena range of post caps in that they are the same shape however with a decorative acorn cap. They are suitable for any heritage style fence and are available to fit a range of post sizes

Aluminium Post Capital Windsor Design

This is a very popular heritage post cap design that looks great on any heritage style fence or gate post and also very suitable for modern style fencing as it gives a finish to a fence post combined with the fact it protects the post from continual dampness.

Brick Pillar Brunswick Letterbox – larger box with lock and key

Brick Pillar Brunswick Letterbox – larger box with lock and key

This is a popular all aluminium letterbox. The Brunswick letterbox is Australian made and looks great in a brick fence.
This letterbox is 460mm deep suitable for a brick pillar or any other application requiring a deeper letterbox
Colours available are white, black,monument and primrose.
Other colours are available however a Powdercoat surcharge may apply