Aluminium Post Capital – B49 -suitable for 90,100,120,125 and 150mm square posts

This is a very popular heritage post cap design that looks great on any heritage style fence or gate post and also very suitable for modern style fencing as it gives a finish to a fence post combined with the fact it protects the post from continual dampness.


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Aluminium Post Capitals – Fit on Top of Square Posts

Product Code                               Mill Finish

B90D – to fit over 90 x 90           $56.55 plus gst

B903 – to fit over 100 x 100         $56.55 plus gst

B49A – 100mm x 100mm             $56.55 plus gst

B48S – to fit over 120 x 120           $58.70 plus gst

B48D – 125mm x 125mm              $58.70 plus gst

B50D – 150mm x 150mm            $74.00 plus gst

powdercoat is available on these caps

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