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Barrington Lacework – Double Sided Frieze


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This lace resembles the Old Style Heritage Dorrington Lacework. This is a popular lace design that looks at home on a gazebo, a traditional style or a more contempary style  verandah.It is available in a large range of powdercoat colours

Birdsville – Single Sided Frieze

The Birdsville Lacework is a local design illustrating the very popular sulphur crested cockatoo. This is also a Heritage design registered in 1870.It is a popular lace design, however is not seen in all states. It is popular on new Victorian verandahs and restorations.

Birdsville – Single Sided Key Frieze

Birdsville Lacework is a traditional old style lacework depicting the Australian Rosella.It is seen in many old areas with homes dating back to 1880,however it is often seen in country areas of  Central Victoria.

Birmingham Heritage Lacework – Double Sided Corner

The Birmingham Lacework is a popular design on new homes, traditional heritage properties and looks great on the Gazebo. This design being a double sided design is lace design derived from the Sandsville design. This was a larger design than the Birmingham,it was common in areas surrounding railway stations, especially in the Melbourne Metropolitan area

Birmingham Lacework – Double Sided Frieze

Birmingham Lacework is a very popular lacework suitable for old heritage homes,although it is very suitable for any new style heritage property as it has a flowing vine design and does look most impressive.

Boston Fern Lacework – Single Sided Corner

Boston fern appeared in the late 1880’s and early 1890’s. It was seen predominantly in and around Melbourne, it was one of many designs featuring the Australian ferns in particular the tree fern, as it is seen in the  Fishfern  design.