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AA Ballarat Heritage Balustrade Lacework and Restoration

Ballarat and surrounding areas  have an amazing array of heritage Lacework and Balustrade. Designs of  Lacework and Balustrade from a single fronted cottage built around 1900 to those magnificent Terraces built as early as 1860. Chatterton Lacework manufacture a large array of the designs seen in these areas. There are numerous designs in stock and they are available in a large range of powdercoat colours. All products are now manufactured in non rust aluminium to avoid the corrosion. It may be possible to reproduce the old existing designs manufactured in cast iron in non rust aluminium



Victoria Heritage Single Sided Lacework – sandcast rough finish

Victoria Lacework is the most known heritage lacework. The single sided Victoria Lacework is a direct replica of the original cast iron design.It is not as clean in design as the extremely popular double sided design,however it is available if you want an older style rugged looking design of Victoria Lacework.