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Birdsville Balustrade – Single Sided Panel

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The Birdsville Panel is an old style arch balustrade panel with the Australian Rosella as the centre motif. The Mardi Gras Balustrade Panel is the same design excluding the Australian Rosella motif.

Birmingham Heritage Lacework – Double Sided Corner

The Birmingham Lacework is a popular design on new homes, traditional heritage properties and looks great on the Gazebo. This design being a double sided design is lace design derived from the Sandsville design. This was a larger design than the Birmingham,it was common in areas surrounding railway stations, especially in the Melbourne Metropolitan area

Brighton Lacework – Heritage Aluminium Lacework

Brighton Lacework has become a popular design of lacework.Like the clover design it has a free flowing design that appeals to many new home owners.It is a design that is common on many heritage properties built in the 1880-1900 period.

Brisbane Heritage Lacework and Balustrade




Queensland has an interesting range of heritage balustrade and heritage lacework. Brisbane is becoming  a popular area to renovate heritage homes as is some of the country areas.A popular design is the Maldon Panel.This panel originated in Queensland,with many properties having the original cast iron balustrade dating back to the 1880 period on the properties they are renovating.


Bristol Lacework – Double Sided Frieze

Briston lace is a popular lacework design It looks as much at home on a heritage property as it does on a new style verandah. It is a very open style of lacework in comparison to other heavier style lace


Burnside Heritage Balustrade – Double Sided Panel

The Burnside Balustrade is a very popular design of balustrade.It is a traditional design seen on many Queenslanders in Queensland.Its also prevalent on many heritage homes built way back in that 1860 to 1880 period.However today it is used on heritage style properties together with new homes.It is a very versatile design of balustrade.

Bush Fern Balustrade – Single Sided Balustrade Panel

The Bush Fern panel is an old traditional style of panel seen on many Victorian properties throughout Australia,however is more common in inner suburbs of Melbourne.If installed as a continuous panel it looks stunning. Registered by Cochrane and Scott in August 1884

Calypso Heritage Balustrade – Single Sided Balustrade Panel

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The Calypso balustrade panel was originally manufactured by William Stephens Foundry ,cnr of Grant and Sturt Streets South Melbourne in 1865.This company manufactured a limited range of ironwork seen today on the terraces and cottages of Toorak and surrounding areas.