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Barrington Heritage Lacework-Double Sided Aluminium



This  lace resembles the Old Style Heritage Dorrington Lacework. This is a popular lace design that looks at home on a gazebo, a traditional style or a more contempary style  verandah.It is available in a large range of powdercoat colours

Brick Pillar Letterbox

Brick In Letterbox front and back includes a lock and key. It includes a telescopic sleeve to join the front and back

Suits A4 Mail. Depth 350mm Limited Stock

Brighton Lacework – Heritage Aluminium Lacework

Brighton Lacework has become a popular design of lacework.Like the clover design it has a free flowing design that appeals to many new home owners.It is a design that is common on many heritage properties built in the 1880-1900 period.

Cast Iron Small Maldon Lacework – Corner and Frieze Zinc Coated

Cast Iron Small Maldon Lacework  is available in a zinc coated finish,ready to prime and paint.This design of Lacework is prominent in Maldon in country Victoria.This design in conjunction with the larger design of Maldon Lacework,known as the Large Maldon is on display on the Heritage Maldon Hotel.

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Economy Coburg Heritage Picket Letterbox –

The Coburg Letterbox comes complete with an A4 Letterbox slot, newspaper holder, and key lockable for added security. The Coburg Letterbox is manufactured from galvanised steel and the rear of the letterbox is powdercoated  in grey. The front of the letterbox comes in a range of colours including a rustic red oxide finish.





Spear Top-CA15 aluminium

The spearhead known as the CA15 spearhead is a well known heritage spearhead seen on heritage properties in most capital cities.It is now very popular on new  gates and fences being manufactured for new heritage style properties.