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Galaxy Lacework – Single Sided Frieze

A popular old style lace often seen in Queensland. It is very adaptable in that it can be used on low verandahs as well as a standard verandah. The corner is very shallow in that it does not protrude far down the post

Madrid Balustrade – Single Sided Panel



The Madrid Balustrade Panel is every bit a classic heritage balustrade panel with it on display in most Australian states on heritage properties dating back as far as 1860.It looks good on heritage restorations and new heritage verandahs.

San Remo Balustrade Panel – Single Sided Panel




The San Remo verandah  panel is an open style balustrade panel  common in Sydney on early Victorian Terraces. Today it is popular on heritage balconies manufactured in non rust aluminium and painted or powdercoated in a range of Heritage Colours

Vase Lacework – Aluminium Single Sided Corner

The Vase design of lacework is a very old traditional style of lacework.This design has a loose  fitting corner installed underneath the lacework for ease of installation. This design is seen on many old Victorian Homes and is one of those old heritage designs dating back to the 1860 period.