Aluminium Post Capital- B48A Angelina Design- To fit on top of 125 x 125 posts

The Angelina [ or the B48 ] Post cap as it has become known is a well known and very popular post cap design that compliments a heritage style fence. It may be a timber or steel picket, coral, Emu wire or a wrought iron or tubular fence, they all look complete with a post cap especially the look of the Angelina design. Other than the popular size to fit the 120 and 125mm posts other caps are available to fit 90 and 100 mm and the larger posts including 150mm


angelina-emucaps-federationcaps-and-keyTIMBER PICKET B48Apost capitalsB90A B901 B49D B48M B48A B50APost cap angelina

Aluminium Post Capitals – Fits on Top of Square Posts
Product Code Mill Finish

B48M – fits over 120 x 120 post $58.70 each
B48A – 125mm x 125mm $58.70 each   /   fits on top of the post
B50A – 150mm x 150mm $74.00ea each /  fits on top of the post


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