Balustrade Post & Capital

Balustrade Posts are made of an aluminium extrusion and are available with a plain top or a decorative post cap


b49a and post057 Balustrade Post + Capital – 90x90mm Post

Available in 3 Heights       Mill Finish                   Powdercoated

1050mm High                      $147.85ea                         $175.00ea

1200mm High                      $158.70ea                        $185.90ea

1400mm High                       $169.60ea                      $196.75ea

(Aluminium) plus gst


plain post and cap – 90 x 90 post

1050 high  mill $81.55  powdercoat  $108.70

1200 high  mill $92.40  powdercoat $119.60

1400 high  mill  $103.30 powdercoat $130.45

[aluminium] plus gst

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