Australian Heritage Lacework Architecture

Many designs of Heritage Lacework and Balustrading was originally designed and registered during the 1860 to 1880 period.Many variations of these original designs have developed through the castings being continually copied and altered to create practically new designs.Many original design applications have been lost therefore creating confusion as to when many designs were originally developed.

Chatterton Heritage Lacework

Can I get the heritage look of cast iron lion posts in non rust aluminium? Why choose an old cast iron lion post when the all new aluminium lion posts are available Lion Post’s are made of non-rusting Aluminium, are light in weight, compliment cast iron and wrought iron fencing however robust enough to be…

Sydney Lacework and Balustrade Restoration

Melbourne based Chatterton Lacework est 1946 now manufacture a large range of heritage balustrade and lacework common within the Sydney area. Any old design can be reproduced to match the existing.However with such a large range of heritage products it may be possible to choose from one of our catalogue items.All items are manufactured in…

Lion Posts make a statement on any Victorian property

Original Victorian lion post & matching intermediate posts make a statement on any Victorian property. They are manufactured in non-rust aluminium and are heavy duty and available in a range of heritage colours. They are a replica of old Victorian cast iron designs and are available and in stock. Feel free to contact us to…

Classic Pyramid Style Post Caps – Non Rust Aluminium

These all new Classic Design of Post Caps are now manufactured by Chatterton Lacework to fit a large range of steel and timber posts.These style of post decoration are suited to any Federation Style fence including Picket,Corale,Mini Orb and Emu Wire.They can be powdercoated to match all the Heritage Colorbond colours. Resellers enquiries are welcome