Queenslander Traditional Heritage Balustrade

Queensland Design Homes are now popular in Regional areas including Gisborne, Woodend and Ballarat. The Heritage Balustrade installation is made easy with this modular design balustrade fixed in between top and bottom rails with tech screws or plasterboard screws.Staircases are now made easy with the addition of balusters to match with angled fixing lugs,suitable for…

Classic Heritage Reproduction Lacework

Many classic heritage balustrade designs are available, some with matching lacework to create the traditional Victorian Verandah. Many original designs of balustrade and lacework are in stock. It may be possible to reproduce those original designs we don’t keep in stock to match your verandah balustrade

Brunswick Heritage Letterbox

The all aluminium  Brunswick Letterbox looks at home in a Victorian Style fence as it does in a classic Timber Picket or Decorative Wire fence. Installation is easy however a bar or two may have to be removed to install the letterbox, as per the image

Heritage Cast Iron Restoration

Melbourne based Chatterton Lacework can recapture the charm and elegance of a bygone era with the extensive range of high quality reproductive castings. Some of these date back to the early Victorian period. Original replica castings from areas like Rockhampton in Queensland can be re born with a reproductive service to reproduce these old designs…