Chatterton Lace and Balustrade

The Chatterton Lacework Travistone Balustrade panel looks great on this property.It is complimented by the small clover lacework and the heritage style fence with the decorative post capitals and the Royal Park all aluminium letterbox all powdercoated  

Heritage Style Gazebo looks great

Heritage Balustrade Panels and matching lacework look stunning when used to compliment a Classic Victorian Gazebo. There are numerous designs of balustrade panels available combined with a large range of heritage lacework. Check out the all new online catalogue to view an extensive range of heritage products.

Hobart Heritage Balustrade and Lacework

What a wonderful example of traditional balustrade and lacework on this heritage property in Sandy Bay Hobart. The Classic Madrid balustrade panel and a matching newell combined with the ever popular Rosemary Lacework. This lacework compliments the balustrade. The Madrid balustrade was chosen to complete the restoration of the Harbour Masters House in Hobart by…

Decorative Post Capitals

  Click Here for  February Special sheet PDFAll Aluminium non rust powdercoated post capitals. These post capitals look great ,and can be powdercoated in a range of colours.They also help protect the posts from the weather    Click Here for  February Special sheet PDF